Saturday, November 24, 2012

prada gurl.

Bir 'ultimate shopping day' daha sayısız parçayla bitti.. Uzun zamandır aklımda olan şeffaf gözlüklerin epey retro görünümlü versiyonlarını Prada'da buldum, çocuklar gibi şenim desem yeridir :) Gözlük almak bağımlılık mı yapıyor, ne? ^^
Another ultimate shopping day ended with many 'new in' pieces.. I found retro version of transparent glasses which I was searching for since a long time, thanks to Prada :) By the way I guess buying new glasses and changing your look with them is just addictive ^^

Güneş gözlüğü kullanmanın mevsimi pek kalmasa da artık sanırım hevesimi Nisan'a kadar saklayacağım.. Fotoğraflarda -böylesine- uzun saçlara veda öncesi bir ev topuzu ve Sephora'nın mat pembe ruju gözlüklere eşlik ediyor. Merak edenlere ;)
There is no more any certain season to wear sunglasses, still I guess I'll wait until April.. For the curious ones, feat. a homemade-bun and Sephora's matte fuchsia lipstick in the photos ;)

Friday, November 23, 2012



Dear fashionistas, as you probably know on Thursday, 22.11.2012. I presented my first collection at Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb called "Baptism." For now, I bring you pictures from the show, and soon I’ll publish the details so that all of you, who haven’t had the opportunity to see the show live, will be able to see the collection up close.


Dragi moji, kao što i sami znate u četvrtak, 22.11.2012. predstavio sam svoju prvu kolekciju na Dreft Fashion Week-u Zagreb pod nazivom “Baptism”. Za sada vam donosim slike revije, a uskoro i slike detalja kako bi svi koji nisu imali priliku pogledati kolekciju uživo mogli vidjeti dtealje izbliza.



bddbf3537e823adee81b08e0ea0a2cbfeb96c506636b263f0507e4a278184a0945d4d3684280118de551526ffbf7854f0d7e84e372fa6dca07fb679d0575778867082aec9bbc179fba282fbaf8ccea96005c5c76403fe1e36602e478b5fc09af68d2afd47d33b2da26bc092b05c25e155b5134772aa459ae96b060f2679df065dfd9773a978ea80c268905c1836a321bf014c7d5edd871d4c06494f30464722eDreft Fashion Week 221112



Posebne zahvale:

mentorica- Minja Maretić Murtić

krojačice- Milka i Đurđa


manekenke- Ana B, Dora H, Andrea Z, Kim K, Anita D, Paula P, Željka B, Mia P, Tea M, Ema K

cijelom Dreft i Fashion Week Zagreb timu

fotografima- Srđan Vrančić, Goran Matijašec

Mirta Bajzek

Darka Franić i njenom timu

Ivica Palinić

make-up - Žana Kožul

muzika- Nina Maštruko

Antonia Ponoš

volonterima Nives Bošnjak, Damir Begović

blogerima i novinarima na velikoj podršci

svima koji su glasovali za mene




Photos by: fashionweekzagreb.com; fashion.hr

New Music::: Rihanna and Chris Brown - No Body`s Business

Clearly they were sending a message out to the world that we should all leave them alone.

In a similar fashion we already know that the late Whitney Houston once teamed up with her ex-husband Bobby Brown on a similar kind of song ‘Something in Common’ in 1993, and we saw how that ended for them.

Yet the ill-fated pair are now being challenged for the title of the world’s most controversial couple. Will Rihanna and Chris Brown outshine their older Brown couples? who knows’

But you know what? i`m really happy for them because if you loose someone and come back then i think its really something.. just listen to their song may be you`ll get what i`m trying to say ‘Nobody’s Business’

CeeLo Green Releases New Video - This Christmas

CeeLo Green has premiered the video for his new single, ‘This Christmas’. The record has been taken from his festive Christmas album, ‘CeeLo’s Magic Moment’, which was released on October 30th.

its a nice song but frankly, i think the video still needs work
i hated those reindeer barbies!

#Sick::: 14 year old Girl Snatches her Mothers Husband and Gives Birth for Him

A 14-year-old girl, stole her mother's husband, married him and had a baby together, according to court proceedings.

The Chinese teenager apparently had a lovechild with her stepfather. She is threatening to cut off ties with her mother unless she divorces him. The girl, named Fangting, began an affair with Liu Guochang, her 34-year-old stepfather when she was just 14-years-old, a local newspaper reported.

Fangting, now 16, gave birth to a daughter last year and demands that her mother Huang Changhong divorce Liu so they could be together. To make matters worse, Huang and Liu also have a young son together. Huang discovered the affair in 2009, when she found a love letter the girl had written to her husband. After the surprising discovery, she sent her daughter to live with her grandparents, the newspaper reported.But Huang, who worked in another city, did not know that her husband continued to meet Fangting. He even started to have sex with the girl.

OMG Facts::: Queen Elizabeth II is Descended from Prophet Muhammed

This brings a whole new meaning to "God Save The Queen." According to Burke's Peerage, the genealogical guide to royalty, Queen Elizabeth II is descended from Muhammad, prophet of Islam. The revelation came about when the publishing director of Burke's asked Great Britain's then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for better security for the royal family.

The connection was a surprise to many Brits as most of them tend to take it out of their minds that their is any connection between the Queen and the Moslem Prophet, although however Moslem leaders in Britain seem to be very proud of this fact.

Apparently, the British royal family is descended from Muhammad through the Arab kings of Seville, who once ruled Spain. Through marriage, their blood passed through the European kings of Portugal and Castille, until it reached King Edward IV in the 15th century, where it has descended since.

Oprah Compares Justin Bieber to Micheal Jackson and Other Pop Stars in History and Says he`s Greater on Oprah's Next Chapter

Comparing Justin Bieber to Micheal Jackson and saying Justin is Bigger!

i wonder if she hasn`t lost it yet! see what the talk show mogul said in her OWN Next Chapter